My October Faves

Hey loves,

Its been a hectic 5 days of work and other commitments this week, but I’m finally able to sit down, have a breather and do some writing for you lovely humans! I thought id share some of my favourites from the month of October, I’m even thinking of sharing my fave things each month if that would be something you’d like to see? I love seeing people sharing about products they genuinely actually love, so here are a few of my favourite things ❤️

Sudio Regent Headphones


These are L I T E R A L L Y the comfiest headphones I have ever owned, I swear these babies won’t disappoint you! Since I’ve had these babies in my life I haven’t been able to use my normal earphones, I absolutely love them because no only are they so comfortable to wear but they are also bluetooth headphones which make them super handy to use in the gym because theres no cords to get tangled with! I’ve collaborated with Sudio Sweden to get all you beautiful people a discount code for you to use at checkout. Use NC15 to get yourself 15% off anything storewide and let me know how if you love them too!

Mad Millie’s Vegan Cheese kits


I know the convenience of being able to basically everything you need these days from your local grocery store, even quite a few vegan cheeses have made an appearance on the shelves this year but if you’re like me and love to know exactly what went into your food and the process behind making it sometimes reaching for commercially packaged goods doesn’t always sit well. Mad Millie’s have you covered with their vegan cheese kit, which you can check it out here. This cheese kit is so easy to use and the range of different vegan cheeses you can make is crazy. I’ve made a mascarpone for a vegan Tiramisu and it was heavenly. You can find the recipe here. I also was given an extra cheese kit to giveaway to one lucky person so head over to my Instagram to check it out and get into the draw to win

The Awakening Cleanser by Only Good 




I want only the best going into my body and there’s no exception for what goes onto my skin. I’ve struggled to find a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils and make it go super dry or the opposite; making it super oily. I’m yet to try the rest of Only Good’s skincare range but their Sooth Handwash is absolutely hands down my favourite Hand soap and I also use their Balance Bodywash which is heavenly!

Chia + Awaka 


I don’t drink a lot other than water, but I love to treat myself to these drinks because boy are the yum! CHIA is a range of natural sports drinks and AWAKA is a range of sparkling coconut water drinks, and they’re seriously yum, every time I go to the grocery store I find myself stocking up again and again. I recommend the Coconut + Mango Chia and Blackcurrant Sparkling Coconut water, those two are definitely my favourites, so be sure to try those if you ever get the chance!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, its a bit different to what I would normally post about but I want to be able to branch out and talk about different topics for you guys! As always please feel free to leave me feedback or say hi either on here or by emailing me at ❤️

Love and light,

– Tash xx





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