Nothing worth fighting for comes easy

I remember the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a Doctor, I think thats basically everyone first choice as a five year old. That or a police officer or a firefighter. I didn’t get it back then, that all the jobs I ever wanted to do would be to help someone in some aspect of life (I’m going to say that its partially me being a pisces and the way I was brought up). It seemed that as a little girl my choice of career would change day to day, week to week. Its actually funny looking back now because I have dizzy spells at the sight of blood and needles, I would have been the worlds worst Doctor or nurse!

Three years ago I was still into equestrian sports, I was aiming to make the move from the Southern Hemisphere (New Zealand) to the Northern Hemisphere (United Kingdom) to go to university to become a Coach in the Equestrian industry after I finished High School. It wasn’t for me, especially after a near miss with my own horse 2 years ago. I then went into my second to last year of school not knowing what I wanted to do.


It clicked eventually when I was at the gym one day, a lady had come over to ask how to use a certain machine and it felt good to help someone to gain more confidence in that kind of environment. It was a place I could feel confident in myself, I could get out my emotions physically and I felt good being there.


In my last year of High School I began my qualification to becoming a Personal trainer. It wasn’t an easy time for me, I was trying to balance all my school work, course work, my social life, my relationship and my own health and fitness. But when you want something badly enough you learn to juggle, you learn that life throws you things and its up to you to determine how you handle it, you take it as it comes and appreciate what it taught you and gave you or you throw it back.

The hurdles that I faced could have shattered a person. I lost a group of my friends during that year, school got gradually harder and harder with each month, but the gym and exercise were always there. I became a stronger person both mentally and physically with every minute spent between those four walls. Each moment working out was a time to wind down, have my own therapy session with myself and let go of the days worries. Sweat was better than tears, punching and kicking a boxing bag was emotionally satisfying, it was a better release then screaming into a pillow.


This year I’ve spent so much time at the gym, working out, doing work experience, talking to the Personal Trainers and other members of the club and absorbing as much information, knowledge and advice that I can. I was working an 40 hour week and then spending 2-3+ hours at the gym most nights to try to gain some more experience and time in that atmosphere. Its addictive, those endorphins are meant to make you feel happy exercising for a reason. No matter who you are, you’re accepted and we’re all equal. No ones better than each other, we’re all there in that space for the same reason, to feel good and get to our goals.



A month ago I submitted my last assignment and two weeks ago I received my certificate in the mail (I did the biggest happy dance!)… even though I’ve already announced it on Instagram, I’m excited to say on here to you all that I’m officially a Certified Personal Trainer! It took me a year and a half to achieve this and I can’t wait to see where this career takes me in life.


I believe that the only career path you should pursue is one that will make you so undeniably happy each and every day. Fall in love with what you do and it will never seem like a chore. From day dot my parents told me that I should only do things that make me happy, which includes how I chose to earn money. What is important is your own happiness, not about how much money you make or the social status your career gives you, if you’re happy what you’re doing then that totally fine. Be yourself and let that happiness shine!


Tash xx





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