Vegan Eats: Queenstown

Hey lovely humans,

Its been a while since I last posted due to personal problems in my life, travel and I was focusing on finishing my coursework, which I’ve now completed! So 2 weeks ago I flew down to Queenstown to visit one of my best friends for 5 days. I had no idea how vegan friendly this area of New Zealand would be because I’d never been before, so a large majority of the bag I took down was food 😅 But I actually found a good amount of places to eat out in Queenstown and the surrounding towns. Keep a look out for these places if you’re ever in Queenstown because the food was amazing!

Double Black

Location: 47 Kingfisher Crescent, Albert Town

Situated 8 minutes drive from Wanaka, Double Black is a little cafe which I would highly recommend going to get get breakfast/brunch. Not only do they have seriously yum food, they’re also dog friendly and their menu accommodates to all. One thing on the menu I would seriously recommend trying is the Coconut Quinoa Porridge. Its made with coconut milk, banana and cinnamon and topped with banana, berries and toasted coconut flakes. Totally yum, warming on a cold morning and satisfying to eat. I actually ate at Double black twice, I just had to go back to try the porridge again. They also make a dang good Spiced chai with Almond milk 👌🏽


Soul Food

Location: Ardmore street, Wanaka

A little Organic shop in Wanaka, if you’re here for a while grab yourself some of the goodies that they stock or even grab something from the cabinet for lunch! They stock Pana chocolate and loving earth (two of my fave treats). They have food for anyone with special dietary requirements, which is perfect for vegans! I had the falafel wrap from the cabinet and a berry crumble slice for a cheeky treat, so I would definitely recommend either of them (or both).


Location: 2 Dunmore street, Wanaka

If you’re up for going out for dinner, head to Kika. They specialise in Tapas, so if you’re like me and want to try every veganisable option on the menu then this ones for you. I share these with my friend that I came down to visit (shoutout to Gia for being my photographer down here and my vegan eating buddy). I tried the Fried Brussel Sprouts (you just have to take off the lemon Aioli to make it vegan friendly), the Roast Carrots (just take off the yoghurt) and the Roasted Cauliflower.


Location: 47 Helwick Street, Wanaka

A bit like Sip kitchen in Auckland, Fedeli has a range of smoothies, juices, salads and raw treats. I’m a sucker for any green smoothie, I also think its highly important to get your greens in when you’re away from home because you’re indulging a lot more in food you normally wouldn’t eat all the time. So I had the Green goodness smoothie to help fight the cold I’ve had for the last 3 weeks and boost my immunity, and shared the Raw Snickers bar and Mango Slice which were so yum.

Jack Rabbit

Location: 50 Cardrona Valley Rd, Wanaka

Above Ruby’s cinema (a movie theatre in Wanaka) is Jack rabbit. The atmosphere is almost like a diner. Theres food for everyone, they even have a vegan burger and two pizzas on the menu. Im just amazed that Wanaka seems to be more vegan friendly than Auckland. Definitely recommend The Vegan Rabbit if you want a veggie loaded pizza. Loaded with Artichokes, mushrooms, onions, peppers and vegan cheese it leaves vegan foodies like me wishing I had this back home. Their vegan Margherita is amazing too. Both have cauliflower, buckwheat bases.


Red Star

Location: 26 Ardmore Street, Wanaka

Getting to this part of writing this blog post, I’m suddenly realising how much I’ve eaten out or had take-out this trip… whoops. We got take-out from a burger joint one night, and I’m really amazed that all the places I’ve eaten food from have had at least one vegan option or a variety of veganisable options for me. I had the Virgin, a falafel burger which can be made vegan. It can be a hefty portion if you’re small like me so don’t go overboard on sides if you can handle eating heaps.

Vudu Cafe and Larder

Location: 16 Rees Street, Queenstown

If you’re on the hunt for warming food and smoothies in Queenstown, head down to Vudu. They have Buckwheat pancakes that can be made vegan and an amazing Risotto. They have a range of different smoothies, I always grab a smoothie when I know I haven’t been eating as well as normal so I’m getting more nutrients into my day.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you can get to try some of the food at these amazing places if you get the chance! Let me know if this helps you to find places to eat out in Queenstown and if you find any other places i’ll be sure to try them if I go there again! Be sure to check out my Instagram @natashaaclark so you don’t miss out on anything and feel free to flick me an email: if you have any questions or anything to say


Tash xx


9 thoughts on “Vegan Eats: Queenstown

  1. Thanks for the post, good to know where the yummy food is! Love your profile pic! So gorgeous!!!! I’m like you, I take food with me wherever I go!! Some places just haven’t caught on yet! It’s happening, which is very exciting, YEAH! Lovely pic’s too by the way!!

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