Motivation vs Discipline 

Over the last few years the most frequently asked question I get asked by friends, family and over social media is: how do I stay motivated to workout? I’m a normal person so some days I simply just don’t feel like it, there’s really no other excuse. We’ve all been there before, especially if you’re supposed to be working out early in the morning and staying nice and warm in bed just seems like the much more enjoyable option. However I love to stay active, hence why I’ve chosen a career (Personal training) that involves fitness and helping other people to discover their own love for staying active and healthy like I have. I also love my body enough to get moving. There’s really no secret to getting it done. If it’s really a priority for you to get moving then you’ll just get it over with, but if it’s a “I’ll just do it later”, is staying active really that important to you? That’s one question I want you to ask yourself.



On the days that I don’t feel motivated to workout, that’s when discipline kicks in. Honestly looking at photos of models and fit instagram girls is only going to keep you motivated for so long and that’s when you’ve got to push yourself to keep going. To help I’ve come up with some tips to help you get moving even when you don’t feel like it:

  1. Don’t think about it 

Put on your activewear, lace up your shoes and get doing it. The more you think about it the more likely you are to not actually get your workout over with. If you think about doing something you just don’t want to do, the more you think about doing that thing the more likely you are to psych yourself out or put off doing it.

   2. Make it fun

If you act like it’s some dreaded job or chore then you’re not doing the right type of workout. Find something that you enjoy and that doesn’t make you have nightmares. Also mix up what you’re doing so you don’t get bored. Here’s a few different ideas to keep active:

  • Walking (less stress on your joints such as the knees and ankles) make it more enjoyable by walking with someone or a dog or take your walk somewhere with a view.
  • HIIT circuit training, there are so many different HIIT workouts all over social media, you can either make your own up or search them up. I love doing Kayla Itsine’s BBG workouts as the incorporate High intensity cardio with body weight/ weighted moves.
  • strength training
  • Skipping
  • Boxing or any form of classes
  • Yoga or pilates


3. Be prepared

If you’ve planned a workout early in the morning then get everything ready the night before that way all you have to go is chuck on your clothes and then get your sweat on. If you know you’re going to hit the snooze button then I recommend putting your Phone in your shoe faraway from the bed so you have to get up to turn it off (also make the alarm really annoying, that one always works).

I really hope you find these tips useful if you’re struggling to find the motivation or discipline to get active. As always please let me know if you have any feedback or any suggestions for content by emailing me( or leaving a comment below.

-Tash xx






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