Why I became Vegan

The most frequently asked question since I made the decision to go vegan was “why?”. I could have turned around and said that it was purely because I was conscious of the environmental damage that consuming and using animal products brings. But to be completely honest that wasn’t the only reason that led me to becoming vegan.

Since I can remember I’ve had problems with my health, mainly pain caused by foods. For a long timeI had no idea what was wrong with me, I thought I was coeliac, I also thought I was dairy intolerant. But finally I learnt that I have something called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition that affects the large intestine (Colon). IBS commonly causes cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas and digestion problems. It has no cure but is manageable with the right kind of diet, lifestyle and management of stress. Because of my past diet I was almost always in pain. I had cut out dairy and other food groups once I realised that they were some of the biggest issues that caused me discomfort. However as a young girl I didn’t understand the damage that cutting out all major food groups could have on my life. Like a lot of girls I struggled with my eating as I suddenly saw food as something that would cause me pain and not make me happy.

( ⬆️ The cutest pigs that my Dad and I found on a road trip in the Coroamndel, they were so friendly and were free roaming and also pets of a local man, which is amazing that they aren’t eaten or killed! 🐷 )

Food is not the enemy, that’s something I wish I had known before I started avoiding food. Food heals, it fuels the body and it should make you happy. That’s something I never understood before I cut out the foods that caused me discomfort and pain. Dairy and meat were the most common cause for pain for me, and after looking into the health benefits of avoiding these products I began to take an interest in veganism. I started researching the health benefits and started to realise how much I would benefit from the lifestyle change. I kept researching and watched Cowspiracy, forks over knifes, Earthlings, 101 reasons to go vegan and more videos / documentaries. That’s when I finally realised that me going vegan wasn’t simply because of the health benefits, it was for our planet and the other beautiful creatures that suffer to feed humans.

The cruelty free and vegan lifestyle is truely the most amazing way to live, I feel so much happier, I have more energy and I don’t feel afraid of food anymore. Also knowing that I’m saving the lives of innocent animals is so amazing 💗

– Tash xx


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