I climbed a mountain

Most of my exercising over summer ’16/ ’17 was done outdoors, honestly I probably only went to the gym a handful of times (whoops). But I think that we tend to forget that there are other ways to stay active than running on a treadmill and lifting weights. Taking your exercise outdoors is not only going to benefit you physically because you’re moving your body but also I find that the fresh air and scenery, especially in more remote places are so good for your total wellbeing. Disconnecting from your phone for one is amazing, go walking somewhere with limited cell service (only if you have a friend with you, safety first people!) And you’ll find yourself not looking at your screen like I’m certain you would if you were working out indoors. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love working out at the gym, but being confined in an air conditioned room every workout would drive me crazy, I love going for walks or finding new ways to get my blood pumping outside. It’s all up to the individual, but I’m sure that there’s something for everyone outside!


Recently my old man and I decided that one of NZ’s volcanic alpine walks would be a good idea to try. The Tongariro Alpine crossing is situated in the central plateau of the North Island and it is seriously gorgeous! The 19.4km walk takes anywhere from 6-8 hours on average and the conditions have to be perfect in order to get the full experience of the views from the top, the terrain and to see the breathtaking crater lakes.


In total it took us 6 and a quarter hours with a good few breaks for my Dad (sorry for dobbing you in Dad). I have walked longer distances than this, however you don’t actually realise how physically demanding walking up and down slopes on a mountain is until you do it yourself. The different types of surfaces across the terrain is also another challenge in itself. I was actually terrified of going down one of the slopes at one point (the slope in the photo above was mountain scree), getting your balance and footing was a challenge, the path was only about 1.5m wide and to the right was a very long way to fall. My goal in life is to experience all the good things that the world has to show me even if there is a cliff face 1m away from me.

Why is it that we are containing ourselves in between four walls when we have these amazing walks and trails to explore? Get yourself outside and start enjoying a majority your exercise surrounded by nature, the fresh air will do you good ♥

And if you ever get the chance, go and walk the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, you won’t be disappointed!

– Tash xx

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